Crowdtilt Comes to Canada

San Francisco’s Crowdtilt, a crowdfunding platform is now available to Canadians.

The local Crowdtilt team has seen Canadians “tilt”—successfully reach their fundraising goal—campaigns to throw elaborate bachelor and bachelorette parties, buy group-funded birthday gifts, and help replace the University of Toronto’s broken radio transmitter.

“It has always been Crowdtilt’s intent to come to Canada,” said Tim Ryan, country manager at Crowdtilt Canada. “We’re really excited to see what types of experiences and causes Canadians will tilt.”

“Tilters” start by identifying their campaign and deciding how much they want to raise, then sharing the campaign to raise funds. When a campaign tilts, everyone’s cards are charged and funds are received via direct deposit. If users raise more than their targeted amount, an even greater purchase or experience can unfold.

“In a country like Canada, the opportunities are endless—everything from a cottage weekend with friends to a group outing to a sports event,” Ryan added. “Not to mention the social and civic applications.”

Crowdtilt was founded by CEO James Beshara and CTO Khaled Hussein.