CRTC Dismisses Complaint from Telus, Bell About Exclusivity of Rogers’ GamePlus App

Today the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission dismissed a complaint from Telus and Bell which stated that Rogers Media was granting undue preference to its subscribers by providing them with exclusive content through its online service GamePlus.

Telus and Bell argued Rogers was skirting CRTC rules by making the service exclusive. However, “to encourage innovative ways of presenting content and the creation of compelling content for digital media, including Internet and mobile video services,” the CRTC says it allows companies to provide exclusive content to their subscribers, as long as it is not created mainly for traditional television.

GamePlus is a complementary service to GameCentre Live, available online only, the CRTC says, and GameCentre Live is accessible to all Canadians.

“The CRTC considers that the programming available on GamePlus is essentially produced for distribution on digital media. As such, it can be offered exclusively and does not constitute an undue preference in favour of Rogers subscribers,” the CRTC stated.

“I encourage other companies holding broadcasting rights to be innovative online to in order to provide Canadian and international audiences with content that they want to see,” said CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais.