CRTC launches new consultation on basic services

The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has launched a new public consultation on basic telecommunications services.

The Consultation on Obligation to Serve aims to find out what Canadians think should be included in “basic telephone service” and what role, if any, the CRTC should play in ensuring those services are available.

More than 10 years ago, the CRTC worked with an objective to bring basic land line service, dial-up Internet access, long distance network access, enhanced calling features and telephone directory access to 99 per cent of Canadians.

However, times have changed. Increasingly, Canadians are ditching land-lines and going to wireless phone service only. Wireless Internet access is also becoming more important.

In order to update those earlier objectives, the CRTC is asking Canadians to submit their comments on a series of questions.

Deadline for the submissions is August 10th. Anyone wishing to participate can answer the questionnaire here.

Below is a video produced by the CRTC that provides additional information on the consultation: