CRTC lays down net neutrality ruling, doesn’t go far enough say proponents

Following the hearings in July, the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has released its ruling on net neutrality.

The new ruling stipulates that Internet service providers must disclose information about traffic shaping measures being used so consumers can make an informed choice about the ISP and if traffic shaping is in place, it must be used to solve a defined problem.

These measures must also not be unfairly discriminatory and the CRTC has added a new framework for addressing consumer complaints regarding discriminatory traffic shaping.

As for wholesale customers (small ISPs who buy bandwidth from a larger ISP like Bell,) the larger ISP selling bandwidth can not apply traffic shaping measures beyond what it already applies to its retail customers without commission approval. 

In a press release, the coalition called the ruling “a step in the right direction,” but adds that ” it doesn’t go far enough to protect online innovation and consumer choice.”

The release calls for the CRTC or parliament to take proactive action ” to ensure Canadians have open access to all the Internet has to offer.”