Cruising in the Web 2.0 World

If anybody knows online travel it’s Stuart MacDonald, former Chief Marketing Officer of and Founder of Expedia Canada. In the case of MacDonald’s new start-up, the planes are grounded and it’s time to set sail. TripHarbour is focused exclusively on cruising and this is a travel niche that MacDonald is passionate about. I had a chance to talk to MacDonald about his TripHarbour plans last month while working out Techvibes’ media sponsorship of next month’s MESH (MacDonald is an organizer). He briefed me on the size of the opportunity ($21 Billion industry) and the lack of quality coverage online – I took his word for it as I have yet to cruise. Be sure to check out the new TripHarbour site and some of the other launch coverage (Mathew Ingram, Mark Evans, and StartUpNorth). Local connection for Vancouverites – the site was built by the folks just across the street from Techvibes’ Yaletown office – FCV.