Canadian Technology Accelerator Program Strengthens Vancouver’s Foothold in New York City

Canada is gaining a stronger foothold in the Big Apple.

Sheng Li Digital was among the latest intake accepted into the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program. Established by the Consulate General in New York, the program helps Canadian digital media companies access resources to accelerate their growth.

Selected companies, such as Sheng Li, spend four months at Grind, a coworking facility in the heart of Silicon Alley that meshes startups, established firms, and investors into one office space. During that time, Canadian startups are encouraged to strengthen networks with angels and venture capitalists, land their first big customer or strategic partnership, and explore the possibility of expanding operations to New York.

6S Marketing did just that. The Vancouver-based company—which owns Sheng Li—has opened an office in the city that never sleeps. And thanks to the support from the CTA@NYC program, 6S is confident that it can succeed in the city.

“This expansion is very exciting,” shared 6S Marketing Founder Chris Breikss (pictured). “It’s a big step for us and we are operating this new business unit in a lean startup mode. We are looking to our friends, family, followers and fans for connections and introductions in New York.”