CubeSpace needs your financial help

Portland’s CubeSpace is in the middle of a financial emergency and need your help to avoid eviction. Check out their entire open letter to the community – here the opening:

We are reaching out to you, the members of the CubeSpace community, with a glimmer of hope that there is some way to salvage what we have built. If anyone would like to buy a stake in CubeSpace, or even buy CubeSpace outright, now would be the time. We are also open to any other ideas that might avert this catastrophe.

We are in truly desperate straits. It is possible that as of 9AM on Wednesday, May27th, we will be locked out of CubeSpace. We do not believe this to be the most likely outcome, but it is possible. Our timeline is very short, and our options very limited. This is especially frustrating as we are just approaching the point of CubeSpace being self-sustaining financially.

We are not certain CubeSpace can survive this challenge. We think a bankruptcy claim will make customers adequately nervous that we will not be able to recover financially. It will also take a lot of time by myself and David. Time that will have to come from managing contracts or managing CubeSpace. Time we simply do not have.

If you’re interesting in helping out,head over to and make a donation.