CUFTanalytics brings transfer pricing to the Web

Transfer pricing is a $240 to $500 million global market, and Calgary-based CUFTanalytics aims to streamline the process for multinationals that up until now have hit major roadblocks in pursuing transfer pricing to facilitate inter-company loans. Transfer pricing is increasingly being audited and litigation activity is increasing, and tax legislation for transfer pricing is country-specific. Transfer pricing consultants charge from 40k to 100k for a single transaction. Essentially, companies face a high-cost solution that can’t meet tight deadlines.

Enter the CUFTanalytics engine is an application engine which attempts to solve this problem. Using a web interface, CUFTanalytics automates the transfer pricing process, increasing the speed and efficiency of the transaction while giving a multinational a safely audit-able service.

CUFTanalytics already has alliances with Moody’s and the Ceteris distribution channel, which reaches up to 1,000 multinationals.