Curated Content – Handpicked articles from across the blogosphere

At Techvibes, we like to deliver a wide range of technology news from across Canada. And while we think we do a good job, some people beat us to the punch with great content. Sometimes it’s another blog, sometimes it’s just a local with their finger on the industry’s pulse—and with a flare for writing, they produce quality content. Content, we believe, that deserves maximum exposure.

So instead of looking at these blogs and people as competition, we’ve decided to embrace them. Thus, the creation of our Curated Content stream. Curated Content is content that we, the editors of Techvibes, handpick from across the blogosphere. We publish the article as it appears in original form. We credit the author, include an associated logo, and link back to the original piece. We boost their exposure, benefiting them, and give our readers enhanced access to quality content—benefiting you. See below some of examples of we’re implementing Curated Content.

Smedio. This company is similar to us: they’re Canadian and they love social media. Smedio is relatively new, founded less than a year ago, but is a steady stream of the latest new media and social web news and information. Because they’re more niche than us, they cover certain topics more deeply. Instead of fighting, we shake hands. Forging a Curated Content friendship with Smedio has enhanced our social media coverage while helping another Canadian blog.

sprouterSprouter. This aptly named company focuses on nourishing entrepreneurs with knowledge, nurturing budding startups, and cultivating an high spirited culture of friendly, passionate people. Their blog dishes on startups, small business resources, and entrepreneurs. Naturally, we love these guys. So they are another Curated Content partner, with us bringing leaves from their sprouting trees over to Techvibes in support of Canada’s many innovative startups.

iNovia. This venture capital firm focuses on small technology companies and respects entrepreneurs, which is why they’re a great fit for our Curated Content. They manage a blog that creates a community between startups and investors, and we tap into this, pulling valuable information from the business side of things and conveniently delivering it our readers here on Techvibes.

Curated Content. Handpicked articles from across the blogosphere.