Curious Office’s Pressplane becomes Inkd

Curious Office‘s Pressplane, the stealth Seattle startup we covered when they raised $1.7 Million from Second Avenue Partners along with a slew of angel investors 6 months ago, launched today with a new name and a smart offer.

We’re proud to announce the launch of Inkd! Inkd is the first place to buy and sell professional, original print creative. Whether it’s a brochure, business card, letterhead, postcard or many of the other print types used in global business, you can buy it or sell it on Inkd. Why spend thousands for each new business initiative? Why spend weeks? Inkd connects businesses with world class creative which can be purchased and customized immediately.

As the “World’s First Market for Original Print Design”, Inkd promises business owners fully editable print templates for hundreds (or even thousands) less than what it would have cost you to develop them on your own. On the flip side, Inkd hopes to make print designers more profitable and successful by connecting them with more customers.

If you’re intrigued like us and decide to try Inkd out from either perspective, be sure to report back in the comments.

Curious Office helped incubate ImageKind which sold to CafePress in 2008 for $15 Million. Are they on to something big with Inkd as well?