Cutting the Cord: Canadians ditching landlines and cable for mobile phones and online video streaming

Landlines? Cable TV? Not for long.

Plenty of Canadians are grabbing smartphones and subscribing to services like Netflix. But as wireless phones and online video streaming become more capabale, it’s causing more Canadians to completely ditch landlines and regular television.

By 2014, the CRTC expects that just under 30 million Canadians will own a wireless mobile device—a penetration of 85% of the total population. By this time, half of the devices will be “smart.” Last year it was less than one in three.

The number of Canadians with a tablet is expected to double in a single year to 10%, the regulator’s report says. And all of this mobility is leading to younger generations cutting the cord on landlines: Half of households in the 18 to 34 year-old demographic are wireless only. This was the case for just one in three Canadians in 2008.

Television cord-cutting isn’t as progressed, but one in four Canadians are already watching some of their television online. Increased internet speeds have fueled the change, the CRTC says, as well as the rising competition in the digital space leading to more options for consumers.