Shopify Tops List of Cyber Monday Destinations Behind Only Amazon and eBay

Today is Cyber Monday and it’s expected to be one of the biggest days ever for online shopping.

But where people will be making some of their online purchases may surprise you.

According to research firm Deepfield, which provides technology to track and analyze network performance, some of the top Internet retailers are the usual suspects, while some others may surprise you.

Deepfield conducted a large-scale study of online shopping infrastructure over the past several months, using data from its ongoing study of Internet backbone traffic.

Not surprisingly it found that Amazon dominates Internet retail. About 14 percent of all Internet users interact with Amazon’s site every day, nearly double eBay in the No. 2 position at 8.8 percent.

But #3 on the list is Canada’s favorite e-commerce hosting site Shopify. The Ottawa-based startup (if we can still call it that) placed 3rd with 5.4 percent share of Internet users interacting with a Shopify site. Shopify currently hosts over 30,000 e-commmerce site including Black Milk, Party Rock Clothing by LMFAO, DODOcase, and Coffee Joulies.