Cybera Infrastructure Summit Happening Next Week in Banff

Cybera SummitThe Cybera Summit 2008 starts Monday in Banff, bringing together cyberinfrastructure users, collaborators and innovators. Hot topics for the summit include green IT, cloud computing, and disruptive technologies. Also happening during the event will be Banff’s first DemoCamp.

Summit Sessions:

Green IT / Clean Tech – It’s not that easy being green. In this session, we’ll look at the push for IT to go green. How can you ‘green up’ your IT operations? What are the cost benefits? Why is this important to your business?

Grassroots Innovation – DemoCampBanff – Where does innovation start? Demo Camp for one. These groups thrive on their ad-hoc organization and “no rules” rules. Talk about a fertile landscape for innovative ideas! Join us for a special Banff edition of Demo Camp.

Cloud Computing and Other Trends to Watch – The innovation landscape is constantly changing. In this session, we’ll focus on the top trends guiding this transition and what impacts these changes have on your business as well as your research and development activities.

Cyber-Venture Opportunities – Showing you the money. In this session, we’ll examine the business behind cyberinfrastructure – the venture capital and commercialization opportunities, as well as the new Alberta Action Plan: Bringing Technology to Market.

Disruptive Technologies – Blessing or bane? In this session, we’ll look at how disruptive technologies are changing the landscape, raising the bar and pushing the bounds of all that was possible in business and research.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Bill Appelbe -Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
  • Paul Strong – Distinguished Research Scientist, eBay
  • Nora Young – Producer and Host of Spark, CBC Radio

There’s still room to register, check out the Cybera Summit site.