This Week’s Coolest Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns



It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

TeleHex, the First Universal Allen Key for Bicycles

Allen key sets are big and bulky and using one often involves fumbling around for the right size.

This campaign is looking to simplify all that. It’s a single Allen key that uses telescopic action to automatically adjust to the right size. It comes with the four most common hex wrenches built in and it’s smaller, lighter and easier to use than a whole toolset.

A single TeleHex goes for $38.  The campaign is looking to raise $15,000. With over three weeks left to go, it’s well on its way – having raised $9,164.

ClearBoost: Enhanced Video Reception for Drones and FPV

This small device promises to boost the signal from videos shot by flying drones. It increase both the range and the quality of the signal, allowing drone pilots to fly further and see more.

Rather than boost power on the transmitter – something that can be a challenge due to government regulations and power requirements – the ClearBoost focuses on boosting the signal at the receiver end.

Backers can get the device for $75, though there are only a few left at that price. After that, it’s $79.

The campaign is looking to raise $12,500. It’s already beat that goal, raising over $15,000 with over three weeks left in the campaign.

bead ONE – Most Elegantly Designed Speaker BT NFC

These unique-looking speakers have no buttons, no knows or switches. Instead, everything’s controlled by a gentle touch. For instance, users just slide their finger along the speaker to adjust the volume.

Perhaps most interestingly, it uses near-field communication so it can connect to a smartphone just by touching the two together, no need to deal with Bluetooth connections or cords (though it has those as well, if you want to use them). The frequency response listed for the speakers isn’t quite high fidelity but it’s decent and definitely good enough for MP3s played off a phone.

Early backers can get a single speaker for US$89 (about $118 Canadian). After that it goes up to US $99 (around $131 Canadian). Two speakers will go for US$179 (about $237 Canadian).

The campaign is looking to raise US$20,000. It’s got a long way to go, though.