D-Wave Systems Building Quantum Application Ecosystem, Announces Partnerships

D-Wave Systems Inc., the world’s first commercial quantum computing company, today announced two new partnerships as part of its application ecosystem. DNA-SEQ and 1QBit are developing software applications that take advantage of D-Wave’s unique quantum computing capabilities.

“Quantum computing will reach its full potential through collaborative partnerships with pioneering organizations like DNA-SEQ and 1QBit, who are working to solve incredibly complex problems,” said Vern Brownell, CEO of D-Wave. “Combining our expertise and technology with experts in fields like cancer research and finance is starting to produce remarkable results. From creating more targeted and effective cancer therapies to optimizing financial portfolios, quantum computing applications are already having real impact.”

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To support the building of an application ecosystem, D-Wave Systems provides access to its quantum computers and the expertise necessary to map specific problems onto its quantum hardware. DNA-SEQ and 1QBit are working closely with D-Wave to develop machine learning and optimization techniques to address critical real-world applications.

DNA-SEQ aims to enable more precisely targeted drug therapies for cancer patients by using 3D precision crystallography, and a patient’s full genomic data, to identify early drug resistance and to match their specific mutations to more effective therapies. Existing technology can only analyze small amounts of genomic data, limiting the ability to match a patient’s specific mutation to the optimal cancer drug. Ongoing collaborations with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Baylor College of Medicine, and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center are enabling the company to implement its innovative technologies in world class clinics to identify novel treatments for cancer patients that have developed resistance to therapy. DNA-SEQ has also begun to collaborate with the USCD Pediatric Diabetes Center to implement its technologies in the field of stem cell research.

“Exploring cancer genomics using 3D crystallography and full genomic data enables extraordinary pattern matching of mutations to available drugs, and it is only possible with D-Wave’s unique computational machine learning capabilities and our crystal structures libraries,” said Dr. Janusz Sowadski, CEO of DNA-SEQ.

As the first company to use quantum computing for financial applications, 1QBit is building toolsets and working with individual organizations to address complex finance problems including large portfolio optimization, structured asset backed security pricing, market correlations mapping, capital project budgeting, pair trading and trading strategy development.

“We’re working on problems with real industry constraints, and taking quantum optimization from theoretical applications to real world solutions,” said Andrew Fursman, CEO and Co-Founder. 1QBit has already begun working on applications with a number of industry partners and recently closed a Series A financing round lead by the CME Group.

D-Wave and 1QBit will both be presenting about their respective technologies on June 10th at the Exponential Finance conference at Lincoln Center in New York City.