Ottawa Creative Studio Dainty Productions Creates Mobile Game for Band’s Album

In 2006, a band called No More Kings released a song titled “Zombie Me.”

The song inspired them to later create a mini zombie album. But it needed a platform to take it to the next level. That platform turned out to be a game.

According to Ottawa’s Dainty Productions, Inc., No More Kings wanted a way for fans to truly experience their zombie-themed music, and a fast-paced game called Zombie ASC was the outcome. Dainty used “Spine,” a new indie program that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, to animate over 80 zombie characters for the game.



Zombie ASC—the ASC stands for Apocalypse Survival Club—is not the first zombie game to launch on Apple’s iOS platform. In fact, the App Store has more than 5,000 apps related to zombies.

According to Dainty, this one is a time-based game akin to “Where’s Waldo” but with zombies, a shotgun, and “amazing music and art.” The app was co-developed by Dainty Productions and Pete Mitchell from No More Kings.

The game launches soon for iPhone and iPad.