Entrepreneur Dan Martell launches Maple Butter for Startups

Maple butter, also known as maple cream or maple spread, is a confection that is made from maple syrup, by cooking the syrup to 112 °C, cooling it to 4 °C then raising it to 15 °C, and stirring it until it reaches a smooth consistency.

While Maple Butter may be completely foreign to those on the West Coast of Canada, on the opposite coast the thick, rich, creamy maple candy is ofter eaten with a spoon.

Startup Entrepreneur Dan Martell wants to feed fellow Canadian entrepreneurs with spoonfuls of startup advice and he’s launched a new blog called Maple Butter to do that. San Francisco based Martell is an award winning Entrepreneur, angel investor, lean startup advocate and runs social marketing platform Flowtown.

Martell has been doing his best to bridge Silicon Valley to Canada’s tech startups for years and Maple Butter is designed to continue making those connections.

Maple Butter will be exclusively written by Martell and other successful Canadian founders entrepreneurs and launched officially earlier this week.