Dancing with Gorillas – ICT Global Outlook and the Alberta Opportunity

Four ‘gorillas’ sit at the intersection of the future of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT): economic transformation; demographics and societal change; resource pressures; and accelerating technological progress.

Couple that with faster production cycles, global competition, tight capital and venture capital markets, and de-focus on innovation within companies in today’s cost-control environment, and it’s easy to put quicksand under the sturdiest of feet responsible for navigating the future of innovation and ICT within companies and organizations.

Anticipate and capitalize on ICT’s increasingly central role in our economic future. Presented by TRLabs VP Research, Dr. Rainer Iraschko, this interactive session peers into the future of ICT and answers the following: Where do ICT opportunities lie for Alberta companies and organizations? What six key things about ICT opportunities in Alberta could give your company or organization a competitive edge over the next 2 years?

  • February 9th – Calgary
  • February 10 – Edmonton

Interactive session run from 11:30am to 2:00pm and include a light lunch. For more information visit – www.trlabs.ca/escan