Dandy’s 60 Day Challenge To Make It Possible For Anyone To Launch An App

UPDATE: Picture Scavenger Hunt has won the Dandy 60 Day Challenge. The winning app was picked by the Live Evaluation Panel on November 20, 2013. The panel included Alec Saunders (VP Developer Relations) from Blackberry, Ryan Matzner (Head of Strategy) from Fueled, Steven Greenwood (Founder & CEO) from Brewster and Steve Young (Host) at Mobile App Chat, as well as Team Dandy.

Mobile app crowdsharing platform Dandy is giving aspiring app developers everywhere a chance to launch their idea with their 60 Day Challenge.

Dandy is providing aspiring app creators everywhere with a chance to have their idea developed and launched as a finished app in just 60 days. The app will be developed for the BlackBerry, Android and iOS platforms, with the release planned for January 6th, 2014, in Las Vegas.

“We want to support anyone with a good idea, anyone who says, ‘I wish there was an app for that,’ and help make it happen,” says Matt Scobel, CEO of Dandy. “With our development team, marketing capabilities, support from BlackBerry and BDC Venture Capital, we can help anyone with an app idea turn it into reality in a matter of two months.”

Dandy’s 60 Day Challenge asks anyone with an app idea to submit it to be voted on by the community. No technical, design or development skills are needed to participate.

The winner will be selected by a jury of technical, commercialization and marketing experts on November 21st and the app will be developed for a cross platform launch on January 6th.

Waterloo-based Dandy graduated from the Communitech HYPERDRIVE incubator in April 2013 and closed a $300K funding round from BlackBerry and BDC Venture Capital in September 2013.