TELUS Announces Leadership Changes with Darren Entwistle Returning as CEO

Telus annouced this morning that effective today, Joe Natale is stepping down as President and Chief Executive Officer of TELUS and Darren Entwistle will resume serving as the Company’s President and CEO in Vancouver and Dick Auchinleck will serve as the Company’s independent Chair.

Entwistle and Auchinleck have both agreed to serve in these capacities on a long-term basis. The leadership change follows an extensive review by TELUS’ Board of Directors that concluded late Friday.

But why the change? Natale recently indicated that a permanent relocation to TELUS headquarters in Western Canada would not work for him and his family for several years.

The TELUS Board determined that the Company would be best served by having its chief executive officer reside in the West. Natale has agreed to serve in an Executive, non-Board capacity through year-end to ensure a smooth leadership transition.