Datacratic Launches Cloud RTB Optimization Powered by Adaptive Machine Learning

Datacratic is continuing on its quest to democratize machine learning by making it easier for anyone to integrate impression-level, machine decisioning into their real-time bidding system.

The new cloud-hosted RTB Optimizer “empowers companies to improve programmatic advertising outcomes and increase operational efficiency across web, mobile, video and all other addressable RTB channels,” according to the Montreal-based company.

RTB Optimizer is able to continuously adapt to real-time changes in bid conditions. “True impression-level decisioning means clients always pay the optimal price for RTB impressions resulting in improved performance and ROI,” the Canadian firm points out.

“Any organization operating a real-time bidder can now leverage their own data to fuel Datacratic’s machine learning system and integrate it directly into their RTB stack. A key advantage of our new product is that it’s now available in a scalable, cloud-hosted, maintenance-free environment,” says Alex Becker, Head of Product Management Datacratic.