DataSphere promises an Amazon-like online experience

Up third in the Productivity Tools & Platforms session is three year-old, 33 employee strong DataSphere Technologies. Speaking of productivity, you can watch today’s presentations online live via Chris Pirillo.

DataSphere is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web technology company that offers a comprehensive set of site creation, hosting, management and profit optimization solutions for companies with rich data catalogs.
Based on decades of driving traffic and user experience at some of the world’s foremost websites, DataSphere CEO Satbri Khanuja has created a suite of services that allow any company from any industry with reams of data (content or product) to offer an Amazon-like online experience.

The DataSphere web suite is comprised of a number of different services, each designed to satisfy the specific requirements of individual customers. Among these services is Site Multiplier which allows publishers to subdivide their comprehensive product catalog into a number of targeted domains or micro-sites. As an example, a DataSphere customer with a large inventory of home listings online have set up a seperate micro-site focused on second homes located around golf properties.

In addition to powering its own market-leading websites, DataSphere powers the online presences for more than 50 other leading companies, including Time Warner and Readers Digest.

Interesting note – Datasphere is so confident about their solution that they can partially monetize a technology implementation and deliver a new revenue and profit stream at a very low cost thereby reducing risk to prospective customers.