Dave Fleet to head up Edelman’s digital practice in Toronto


One of Toronto’s most respected PR professionals, Dave Fleet, is making a move. Not only is he getting married (congrats Dave!) but he’s taking his expertise to head up Edelman‘s digital team in Toronto. 

I caught up with Dave earlier this week to discuss his most recent professional move. 

Why did you leave Thornley Fallis Communications to join Edelman?

We’re in the middle of an exciting time in PR.

Digital tools are changing the way people consume information, and that’s causing a profound change in the way that companies need to communicate with people. In the last few years I’ve been lucky to work with people who understand that change and who have embraced it, and I have nothing but love for my former colleagues. However, Edelman has truly put itself at the centre of this shift on a worldwide scale.

Edelman is the largest independently-owned communications firm in the world. Over the last few years they’ve established an exceptional digital team – in Toronto, across Canada and beyond. They’ve hired some of the best people in the business, and they’ve consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence in this area. I’m absolutely thrilled to join the team.

What’s your official job description going to be at Edelman?

I lead Edelman’s digital practice in Toronto. The digital team works across all of the practice areas to help deliver sound, strategically-driven programs for our clients.

What do you hope will be your focus at Edelman?

My focus at Edelman will be on people, from several perspectives:

1.       The people on the team – we’ve got a fantastic team here; one that I think is unrivalled in the Canadian marketplace. They’re already doing great work for our clients. My primary focus is to help those people thrive and grow, and in doing so to help the team grow.

2.       The people at client organizations – doing my part to help deliver great results for the organizations we work with. 

Is your role different than what you were doing at Thornley Fallis?

Every organization is different and no two roles are the same, so I’m sure there will be differences. At its core, my job will be very similar – working with the digital team here to deliver great results that delight our clients.

Thanks for this Dave and all the best!