Day One of ICE08 was Electric

Day 1 of ICE08 just wrapped up and featured interesting discussions on a variety of topics. Here is some of what I came across:


Various products were presented which enable new ways of interacting with video. – enables users to rapidly create videos of their pictures, which can then be shared with others. – Robert Lane from showed how his service enables users to add links to videos which substantially increases audience interaction. For example, a music video of a singer had the link of her MySpace profile page and a link to buy her music from iTunes added to the video itself. – LiveHive showed live interaction with a live TV game show, right from your couch! In another session on videos, an executive from Metacafe mentioned that as part of their revenue sharing program with uploaders, they have already given out about $1 million.


A discussion on building “community” featured senior evangelists from Microsoft and Amber MacArthur (a popular podcaster). It was noted that listening to the users and actively engaging with them in a honest way goes a long way in building a successful community. Amber mentioned that Leo Laporte has done a fantastic job of building a community around, while Mark from Microsoft mentioned that there had been a few examples where they didn’t listen to the community that they had and then the idea bombed.


There were interesting discussions on mobile and virtual world games. An interesting new mix of social network plus a virtual world called was mentioned. How does 60 euros sound for a virtual dress in a virtual world ? Yep, thats right. Or how about $10 for a virtual flower which you can give to your friend. And here’s the kicker…that ‘flower’ dies after a few days! And people have been paying for it. There seem to be very interesting opportunities in virtual world gaming.

Product showcase There were quite a few interesting products on display at the conference. Some included: – GestureTek showed an amazingly cool product which can track body movements to control computer systems. gesturetekI was able to look at the screen, move my hands around and which wiped some stuff off from the ad which was playing on the screen. Not quite like “Minority Report” yet, but this is a great start! – Viigo showed a prototype of their upcoming Blackberry-based aggregator for businesses which can pull in XML to show not just feeds, but also other interesting data like schedules, etc, eliminating the need for separate applications. – Ottawa-based Transgaming enables PC-based games to run on a Mac and showed off the highly anticipated upcoming game “Spore” on it. And then there were sessions on the future of location-based services; global marketing for Canadian companies and encouraging local collaboration and innovation by way of efforts like the upcoming incubator called VeloCity in Waterloo. The atmosphere at ICE08 has been just electric, and tomorrow seems even more exciting, with the day beginning with an interview with the founder of the highly popular and controversial Facebook app Scrabulous.