Day One of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Great news – the weather in Barcelona is overcast and freezing, so don’t feel as though you are missing out by not being here.

However inside, there’s plenty keeping me entertained. Aside from the Windows Mobile 7 announcement (happening later today), we’ve been interviewing some companies like Fusion One, Bridgewater Systems, Global IP Solutions and Arieso. As consumers, we don’t often hear of these companies, but they mostly work with mobile operators to deliver consumers a better experience. Arieso, for example, helps mobile operators geo-locate dropped calls – pinpointing the exact location where the call was dropped, hopefully helping operators improve coverage faster.

There’s plenty of cool gadgets happening at this years MWC as well. Docomo (the website is a little tricky to read, if you speak english) has eye-controlled earphones. To increase the volume, you look up, to move to the next track, you look right, etc. It’s an interesting handsfree option that even works when your eyes are closed. As far as I’m concerned, it works by magic.

It should be an action packed week over here in Barcelona, so I’ll be posting more cool stuff as I see it. With 7 football fields worth of booths and halls, there will be lots to share!