Dear Ottawa Startup Community, I Have Some Big News For You…

Dear Ottawa Startup Community,

I have some big news to share with you. But before I go into details, some background info is appropriate.

I think mostly everyone in the startup community has heard of AppSumo. It’s kind of like Groupon, except it’s mainly focused on providing insanely awesome deals on software products, training material, and other things that startups could use on a day to day basis.

AppSumo has gone from zero to over 750,000 users in just over two years. That’s amazing and borderline impossible but that’s what you can expect when you have world class marketing.

The big news—actually I would go as far as saying huge news—is that AppSumo founder, Noah Kagan, is coming to Ottawa next Wednesday to hold an AppSumo meetup.

He’s flying in all the way from Austin, Texas to see what the Ottawa Startup Community is all about. If you’re interested in learning about how Noah went from zero to 750,000 users so quickly or if you’re thinking about putting up your product on AppSumo at some point, you can’t miss this opportunity to meet Noah.

If that wasn’t enough reason for you to come meet him next week at Fox & Feather on Elgin Street (Wednesday at 7pm), he was also employee number four at Mint and headed up their marketing efforts as director of marketing. Mint was sold to Intuit for about $170 million—wow. Before Mint, Noah was product manager at Facebook (employee number 30). All this to say: Noah gets startups and he gets online marketing.

Make sure to come out and meet him next week at this free event. Register now.