DemoCamp Toronto teams up with Lift to create an event of future possibilities

This past Tuesday, November 17th Lift landed in Toronto.  What resulted was a DemoCamp/Lift mashup called DemoCamp 2019.

Lift Conference

For the uninitiated, Lift is a Geneva-based community of futurists who gather to discuss the implications of new technologies.  The Toronto DemoCamp community calls itself a “gathering for designers, developers and entreprenuers to get together and demonstrate the cool stuff they had been working on.”

So, on Tuesday these two community’s and 120 attendees gathered to listen to DemoCamp2019.  The presenters were tasked with presenting what new technologies are in play 10 years from now:  Back to the Future tech style.

Presenters that night included:

One of the presentations that really caught my eye and imagination was Matthew Milan’s Citizen Sensor.  His presentaion proposed that each person’s millions of hair folicles would be wired so that the skin, essentially, would be turned into an interface thus enabling the body to become a browser.  Matthew calls it a true sixth sense.  i call it the realization of a dream come true:  I will finally, 10 years from now, have Spidey Senses.

Matthew’s presentation is embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

Although these presentations and technologies may seem the stuff of Star Trek and Star Wars, understand that “Science fiction does not merely anticipate but actively shapes technological futures through its effect on the collective imagination.” (Paul D. and G. Bell, ‘Resistance is Futile’: Reading Science Fiction Alongside Ubiquitous Computing)