DemoCamp Vancouver goes Geo

DemoCamp Vancouver 10: Geo Edition

DemoCamp Vancouver 10 is picking up where #9 left off with a duplicate format that includes longer featured presentations, 6 minute company/code/demo presentations, and lightning pitches in between to keep things moving.

This time around the theme is Geo – “From the growth of GPS in virtually every phone to location aware applications of all kinds, we’ll be focusing on showcasing demos that connect around space in some way”.

The two featured presentations will be:

Matt Galligan (@mg), cofounder of Boulder, CO-based SimpleGeo, will be talking about the SimpleGeo platform. In the process of writing a location based app, Matt and his cofounder found that they were figuring out everything from scratch. It was hard and painful coming up with a storage engine for millions of geo points, and it was slow and difficult to run giant database queries against those points. And thus, SimpleGeo was born – infrastructure to power the geo layer of your app so you don’t have to build it all from scratch.

Parveen Kaler (@kaler), founder of Smartful Studios, will be speaking about the business of Geo Location and Location Based Services. Currently, the Geo technology stack is fractured into disparate slices of functionality. We will look at who owns the data and what functionality currently exists. We will look at where data and functionality gaps exist within the stack. This will motivate the types of applications and services that can be built today. It doesn’t make sense for a viable business to build a product without a revenue model. We will enumerate different methods to monetize Geo Location services and how to build a revenue strategy.

DemoCamp Vancouver 10 is on Thursday, March 4th at Ceilli’s Pub and starts at 6:30pm. The event is free but be sure to register online.