DemoCampCalgary done for 2008

Calgary’s last DemoCamp of 2008 took place on Tuesday night at Rare Method and it was a packed house. DemoCamp12 was light on demos but the quality was high. Up first was Train It, followed by Christmas Future, with MJ Sikorsky and GWABs wrapping up the festivities. Here’s the commentary from the official DemoCamp site:

Mike Tighe and his boyz kicked it off with – funny the crowd had just been talking about the problems with Calgary Transit the day before on twitter. What a great example of seeing a need and building something better than what is currently available. We’re looking forward to getting updates on the project.

Next up was Leif Baradoy with Christmas Future. Great idea, good way to give. While Leif didn’t follow the ten minute format, he certainly kept the crowd engaged. Leif says a year-round website is on the way, so keep an eye out for that! Also: we hear through the grapevine he is an excellent Ultimate player.

Last was a Demo of GWABs. Walking through the new website, the desktop fighting and some of the training contracts. If you’d like an invite to the Beta – please drop us an email!

Photos from the evening are available here.