DemoCampCalgary: Success!

Congratulations to Sarah Blue and crew for hosting another successful DemoCamp in Calgary! Four startups had the pleasure of exhibiting their applications to a packed house of interested individuals. Despite some interesting Wi-Fi problems at the outset, things came together nicely for the demos. 

After a failed attempt from the first startup of the evening, Kent from AllianceOne showed us how easy it is for corporations to overspend on employee cell phone plans. With access to over 200 nation wide plans, AllianceOne offers metrics and tracking that are sure to save companies money. The coolest part about AllianceOne was their pricing model: They take a percentage of the total savings as payment!  So if a company doesn’t save any money using AllianceOne, they don’t have to pay anything. Now that’s a confident revenue model. 

Marcus from SharingBooks was up next.  He has provided a medium for children’s book authors to get their works into the hands of the eager public. The book that he showed to the group was interesting and involved an increasing number of sheep exploding from a small child’s ear canal. Things will start to look up once this funded company starts getting some high quality books into its repitore. 

Finally, Matt Dorey from Curve Dental gave us a view into the company’s new clinical software. His demo involved giving a patient a sparkling collection of gold teeth, “grill” procedures may be a competitive advantage with the new Curve software!  With impressive focus on user experience and UI, Curve seems ready to take on the old guard in all aspects of the Dental Software business. 

Thanks again to DemoCampCalgary and everyone who had a hand in organizing the event.