Diesel experiments with Social Media

I must admit, I was less than impressed with Diesel’s foursquare campaign, which involved something to do with being stupid. I do applaud them for jumping on the social media bandwagon when most other fashion brands are still only sticking their toe in the pool. However, with only 44 check-ins recorded to their store visit, it appeared that it wasn’t as big of a splash as it could have been.

Along with Foursquare experimenting, Diesel also installed facebook in dressing rooms at selected stores in Spain.

The preamble on facebook stats wasn’t completely necessary and the installation process was a little silly. Perhaps, they should have shown more on the side of people actually taking pictures and social media results.

Regardless of what the video has to offer, it appears to be a good idea since most people do it anyway. Actually, taking pictures of unbought clothing in dressing rooms is viewed as a bit of a fashion sin. It is very much discouraged due to potential copying of the garments especially for women’s clothing. In this sense, this social media experiment, may be limited to jeans.

My phone is full of dressing room shots of pictures of outfits that I promptly blackberry message to my friends to get their opinions. Would I open it up to twitter or facebook? I don’t think so. I am not sure I want my 1500 plus friends looking at the fit of my clothing.

Would you share your Diesel jeans’ choices with facebook or twitter? What do you think of Diesel’s experimentation with social media?