Difference Capital Invests Combined $8 Million in Three Canadian Companies

Difference Capital this week invested multiple millions of dollars in three different Canadian companies.

The Toronto-based, publicly listed finance company invested $3 million in Baanto International, $2 million in BTI Systems, and $3 million in Bluedrop Performance Learning.

Baanto is a developer of high-performance touch sensing solutions, incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens and interactive white boards in sizes ranging from eight to 266 inches. BTI is a provider of intelligent networking software and systems. Bluedrop specializes in workplace training for individuals, corporations, defence and aerospace, and governmental clients.

“We are very pleased to add Baanto to our portfolio,” said Tom Astle, Managing Partner at Difference Capital. “We believe that Baanto’s touchscreen technology, developed with unique and proprietary intellectual property, offers unparalleled performance in the large format and industrial segments of the market.”

Baanto raised an additional $3 million from other investors, according to Avanindra Utukuri, Executive Chairman of Baanto. “Difference Capital’s expertise in the technology sector and calibre of professionals will be instrumental in helping realize Baanto’s long term growth potential,” Utukuri said.

Bluedrop used its funding from Difference to acquire Atlantis Systems, which was founded in the 1970’s and has built and delivered a suite of maintenance trainers and flight training devices for various military aircraft including the CF-18 fighter and Black Hawk and Sea Hawk helicopters, and for civilian aircraft, including the Boeing 747 and 767.