Digg.com co-founder diggs TravelPod

Apparently Google isn’t buying Digg.com but Ottawa’s TravelPod announced today that Owen Byrne, a co-founder of Digg.com, has joined the company to lead its new technology development department, TravelPod Labs. Byrne will be the senior TravelPod Labs manager, where he’ll lead efforts to develop new ideas and test home grown concepts designed to pioneer the next generation of leading-edge web technologies.

Byrne is well-known as co-founder and original developer of Digg.com, which became one of the leading social news websites, ranking as high as 55th in world Internet traffic rankings on Alexa.com.

Speaking of Alexa.com, TravelPod was #7 on Techvibes inaugural Canada Start-Up Index on July 1st. Look out for the August update later this week and be sure to add your start-up to the appropriate city index if you’d like to be included.

TravelPod Corporation was acquired by TripAdvisor in December of 2006. TravelPod.com was released in 1997 as the Web’s first site to enable its members to create online travel blogs, which revolutionized the way people travel and share their adventures with the world.