DigiBC announces launch of VX 2010 Showcase and Directory

In preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Parlympic Games, DigiBC launched its VX Showcase website and B2B digital directory today. DigiBC was the new entity formed when New Media BC and the Wireless Innovation Network of BC merged in October.

A special VX committee reviewed over 125 applicants to select the top 70 companies for the showcase.  Of the 70, the industry advisory board also selected the top 20 companies which will be released before the games begin under the VX Top 20.

But why is it called the “VX” Showcase? V is for Convergence and X is for Intersection and the digital showcase will promote  Vancouver’s world-class wireless and digital media industry.

In addition to the website, the VX Showcase will have a physical presence at the 2010 Games (starting today until March 30th) with a special presentation centre at Robson Square as well as a free mobile app through XOMO Digital’s VX Connect Mobile app.

VX is a non-profit, industry-led, government supported initiative giving BC wireless and digital media companies opportunities to show off to the world, to make connections, and to show business leaders that Vancouver is a creative, innovative, and business-driven destination to work, play and profit. Government agencies supporting VX include the 2010 Commerce Centre, Telus, BC Innovation Council, Vancouver Economic Development Commission, BC universities, NRC-IRAP and Western Economic Diversification.

Along with the BCTIA’s PODIUM e-book, the VX Showcase should provide unique attention to BC’s technology community at a time when the world is a captive audience.