DigiBC president Michael Bidu stepping down

DigiBC, the Digital Media and Wireless Association, announced today that its president, Michael Bidu, will leave the organization April 30th to pursue new entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile health.

“I’ve enjoyed the many challenges of running our association for almost a year and a half and appreciated being able to use my entrepreneurial skills to reshape the organization, create and stage many significant industry events, and manage the successful merger of two industry associations.

“DigiBC is now a young and dynamic organization, recognized by key stakeholders at home and abroad as BC’s leading industry association for digital media and wireless. We are focused on the convergence of digital media and wireless, and represent over 1,000 companies that employ more than 16,500 well-educated employees, and generate over $3 billion in annual revenues.”

Bidu was appointed head of WINBC in September 2007.

In September 2009, the boards of both WINBC and New Media BC agreed that a merger would create a stronger industry and DigiBC was born.

Bidu will continue to lead DigiBC while the association’s board seeks a suitable replacement. He will also be appointed chair of a new committee that DigiBC is setting up to focus on the convergence of wireless, digital media, and medical research and to find solutions that will reduce the cost of health care delivery while providing a better customer experience.

Who do you think should be the next President of DigiBC?

Photo: Kris Krug