Digital Alberta Showcases World-Class Calgary Mobile Innovation

Digital Alberta Mobile Innovation Showcase Calgary panel

Digital Alberta put on yet another excellent event at Innovate Calgary on Monday night: The Mobile innovation Showcase. It was an exceptional discussion and meetup.

The panelists included Kris Read, Technical Lead, Poynt CorpColin Chong, Product Manager, AppCarousel, Wmode; Bryan Maniotakis, Creative Director, Mediumrare; Jeff Samis, VP Product and Market Development, Kryos Velocity; and Arleigh Vasconcellos, Moderator and Digital Alberta board member, The Agency.

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For my part, I was really impressed at just how mature all these companies are. I’m intimately aware of Kryos Velocity’s journey as I helped with their revolutionary Velocity 2 launch. And, even though I thought I knew Poynt, the company continues to make great strides at an accelerated pace – they now have more than 10 million users (Kris wouldn’t give us the exact number, but was smiling coyly) and an increasingly developer-friendly focused innovative work environment.

Kryos Velocity at Digital Alberta Calgary Mobile Innovation ShowcaseMeanwhile, WMode has made great progress with their AppCarousel mobile app discovery platform.

Not tomention Mediumrare, which is a small boutique mobile app developer making very cool, world-class products for some big names like Nordstrom. Bryan Maniotakis had the best quote of the night was in regards to their Blue Nile build-and-buy-your-own-diamond-ring mobile app: “We were concerned people wouldn’t do big ticket purchases through apps. We were wrong. I think we might hold the record for the largest in-app purchase so far – a $300,000 diamong ring bought from within our app.”

And moderator and Digital Alberta board member, Arleigh Vasconcellos, sent me this additional tidbit:

The evening touched on everything from developing mobile apps for enterprise, to the latest in iOS trends, to app discovery and distribution. The panel dove into everything from current challenges – which the panel agreed was recruiting good staff, keeping up with the speed of the industry, and developing across multiple platforms and OS systems – to talking about the emerging trends including the rise of the table and the need to streamline the app and mobile software as a service discovery process.

A fundamental need for the industry remains, how do I drive users to my target audience. All in all the Digital Alberta Mobile Innovation Showcase was a great success. Stay tuned for the next industry segmented showcase.

Mobile has really heated up in Calgary. In fact, the Calgary chapter of Mobile Monday is slated to re-start next Monday night, March 5, at the Poynt offices at 6pm.