It’s Time to Get Strategic with Digital: The Digital Strategy Conference Hits Vancouver and Ottawa

Advance your career and prepare your business for success by joining the inaugural conference where managers of communications, sales, and service get strategic with digital.

The Digital Strategy Conference, which takes place in Vancouver in April and Ottawa in June, offers three days of educational sessions delivered by industry leaders, enabling attendees to learn the essentials of digital strategy.

“Today, the way consumers interact, learn and share has outpaced business,” event oranizers say. “If an organization is not prepared with the insight, capabilities and resources necessary to meet its customers’ needs, then it is at risk of becoming irrelevant.”

Attendees will learn context and perspective on the digital landscape and explosion of new opportunities; lessons from experts on how to evaluate those opportunities and select the path that aligns best with your organization; and best practices, as well as examples of how other directors are managing the successful implementation of their digital initiatives.

The conference is in Vancouver from April 23 to 25 at UBC Robson Square. The Ottawa edition is from June 3 to 5 at the University of Ottawa.

Register using the discount code “TECHVIBES10” to save 10% on your ticket.