Director of Media at Google comes to Toronto!

The evolution of media in all its incarnations is a conversation that consumers and thought leaders alike are having on a regular basis. It’s no wonder that given the commodification of digital mediums that internet companies are at the forefront of this discovery. With this shift comes a relevancy in the discussion in terms of where advertising budgets should move and where dollars should in turn, be spent.

Eileen Naughton, director media sales and operations for Google (Americas) is set to be in Toronto on June 7th to discuss the evolution of media from ink on paper to data in the cloud. Naughton, formerly of TIME magazine presidency is a highly valued player in the realms of new and old media in tandem. As part of the “Extraordinary Speaker Series,” Naughton is responsible for driving high-growth advertising at one of the world’s foremost internet companies to date.

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