Discount Shopping at Wishabi is a Canadian e-commerce site that claims to help Canadians shop online; well, we can certainly use all the help we can get. Its premise is to find the best deals available including cross-border deals and then proving it through clever patent pending analysis. Although I am not an avid online shopper, I thought I’d take the site for a spin as it has a few cool attributes, and of course, it’s Canadian.

Initially, I was drawn in by the neon blue, green and pink colour scheme. The little wizard avatar was also a friendly touch. I felt like I could trust him.

I was immediately drawn to the “personalize your sales preferences” section and of course chose fashion as my category to find discounts on. This search lead to some decent watches, trendy sunglasses, and replica Jennifer Lopez valour track suits, circa 1995.

Wishabi Screen Shot

Nonetheless, I did find a Kenneth Cole Reaction Studded Zip-Front Jacket priced at $51.60. I clicked on the image and was lead to a page full of deal analysis and comparison shopping. To buy the item, I was redirected to the site that sold it.

The fashion items are severely lacking so I decided to quit fashion and do a search on the Flip MinoHD since I am currently lusting after it. The best price appeared to be $199.99 plus free shipping – that is the lowest I have seen the price in my own research.

The friendly wizard rated the deal at “very good” (makes me wonder what “awesome” would look like). Furthermore, the wizard feels that now is the best time to buy based on the history of market conditions and price fluctuations. He further decides that it is a fair price. To ensure that now was not always the time to buy, I browsed a few other higher priced comparables and found that the wizard does not trick you – this was a relief. The “how does the price compare chart” was also helpful as it showed comparable deals, yet when I tried to click on the 89 dollar Kodak Camcorder, it refused to let that happen. The scrolling on the chart was a bit temperamental.

Wishabi Screen Shot

Overall the site is great for analytics; you will always find the best deal and be convinced it’s the best deal. I had some trouble with navigating through the analytics; there definitely is a slight learning curve to what the charts indicate. I don’t find it to be intuitive or atleast not to an average and slightly newbie shopper like myself.

Have you used this site? What do you think of the analytics?