Discover Your Own City Through Your Smartphone

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Maybe you just moved to a new city. Maybe you’ve lived there your whole life. Either way, we can guarantee there are at least a couple things in you haven’t seen or done before.

To discover those new adventures, hot up streets you’ve never been down and eat at restaurants you’ve never heard of. For aid on this journey, look no further than the palm of your hand. Your smartphone, with the help of a few apps, can be your tourist guide.

1. The Weather Network. Before you set out anywhere, make sure the weather suits your style. Use a high-quality weather app like those by The Weather Network to check out the forecast and if the skies are clear—or the ground is covered in snow, depending on your quest—then lace up your shoes and get going.

2. Waze. It’s a given to navigate an area with, say, Google Maps, but it’s more interesting to do so with an app like Waze—a community-based traffic and nav app that relies on real humans actually driving to tell you which roads are slow and where to go instead.

3. Uber. Not interested in driving yourself? No problem. Apps like Uber can get you around in style for reasonable prices.

4. Transit. If black cabs aren’t your thing, most cities offer public transportation. Get around via bus, subway, and traincar with the help of Transit, an app that shows nearby departures and includes a trip-planning feature.

5. Foursquare. While you’re in a cab or a bus, don’t just twiddle your thumbs. Unless the views from your window are amazing and new to you, start discovering your backyard with the help of apps like the freshly relaunched Foursquare, which sources local users to find not just the best restaurant, for example, but the best dish at said restaurant. Bon appetit!

6. Swarm. As you become more intimate with your city than ever before, let the world know by checking in on Swarm. Your friends can see where you’re at and maybe you’ll spark new trends for what to do around town.

7. Instagram. What’s a great adventure without photographic evidence? Be sure to snap photos—heck, we may even allow a selfie or two—and upload your favourites to Instagram upon returning home.

8. FlightTrack. Because we know that discovering places is like Lay’s—”you can’t have just one.” FlightTrack is the best way to stay on top of your flight once its booked. So, where are we headed?

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