Diving Deep into Digital Day @ Marketing Week 2009

“An impression isn’t an impression unless it makes one.” A resonating theme that prevailed throughout the two day experience at Marketing Week. Digital day at Marketing Week 2009 was a chance to connect with some exceptionally riveting voices. Here’s a deeper dive at some of the insights shared by the participating thought leaders.

With over 3.3 million views on his YouTube channel and over 807 videos, Kevin Nalts did not disappoint. He challenged audience to:

Avoid judging ourselves by how many dollars we throw out in relation to digital campaigns, because we need to reach a scale of interruption advertising. 

Nalts solidifies the idea that we have constantly available new channels. He agrees that the eyes are great, but challenges us to think about our ears when evaluating these channels. Quite simply, content monitoring is important.

Standout Quote from Nalts: “Social Media person should be less of a targeter but more of an improv comic. Why? Because of the ability to flex and say YES to an idea.”

Steve Mast, VP of Marketing at Delvinia, the Digital Agency in Toronto summarized his thoughts quite simply even while using terms like ad-theria and monotyposis.  According to Mast, it seems the key to getting people to spend more online is to make it simpler and less cluttered. We live in a plug and play world, but customers don’t want to be overwhelmed with technology.

Standout Quote from Mast: “Does anyone else feel overwhelmed today by everything going on digitally? Then imagine how your customers feel.”

When Ipsos Reid’s Steve Levy spoke about the changing media mix, the theme of his talk was quite evident: Digital is gaining momentum. We know this. Subsequently, from a consumer perspective digital techniques are very well accepted. Levy confirmed that the recession is fueling the move to online. As such, the best practices in digital have not really changed, but more than ever, there is more focus on measurement and proof.

Standout quote from Levy: “Who are the leaders in the digital marketing world? Who stands out? No one.”

68% of purchases overall are impacted online, even though only 3% actually occur digitally.  Jonathon Lister offered this acute view on ‘The New Rules of Online Engagement.’ According to Lister, Web 3.0 is now ‘Community, Self-expression and entertainment’ whereas Web 2.0 was more defined as the sales channel. During 2.0 many organizations didn’t respond in the same fashion as Amazon and Ebay, even though this world is a 16 billion dollar industry in Canada alone.  I found Lister to be engaging and affected, drawing the conclusion that “online patterns drive offline behavior.”

Standout Quote from Lister: “Who was Ad Age’s marketer of the year in 2008? Barack Obama. Why? Because of his unmatched community building – This is a lesson for all marketers.”

Louise Clements of Facebook was a treat to take in. Relating to the core of communication via Marshall McLuhan, she confirmed the relevance of McLuhan’s statement that the medium is an extension of our human selves amd that we as humans love to communicate.  With a focus on the power of the network, she explained how Facebook looks at all the ways a person can connect to a brand or another human being resulting in a social graph. An indicator of its present day business value for brands.

Standout Quote from Clements: “The Keys to Social Media: 1) Leverage social graph 2) Build brand and shape it 3) Get started and iterate 4) Develop conversation calendar.”

Check back tomorrow for a look at Media Day, where innovation is the name of the game!