Dodoname Creates Private, Disposable Emails So You Need Not Feel the Wrath of Spam

Dodoname, a privacy marketing platform, has launched in open beta, giving consumers the power to interact with merchants without compromising their online privacy.

From solicitations from legitimate sources, to spam and malicious phishing, most of what hits our inboxes is junk. Why? Because we engage and interact online with our email address. And once this vital piece of information is out there, it’s defenseless against misuse, the Canadian company says.

Dodoname claims to be the “single best way to interact with merchants and vendors to get the stuff you want – and only the stuff you want – without ever revealing who you are.”

“Merchants and marketers don’t need to know who you are to give you what you really want,” explains Dodoname founder and CEO Michael Gaffney. “In the past, you had to create multiple burner email accounts to preserve some semblance of online privacy. Even then, you still had to provide a lot of personal information about yourself. Dodoname gives you true privacy, without having to jump through hoops.”

Consumers can use a Dodoname instead of their real email address for almost any interaction with a merchant. Currently available on the web only, a mobile app is in the works as well. Dodonames can be made to go extinct after a single use, after a specific period, or on command at any time, the Ottawa-born startup says.

“With Dodoname, the consumer always calls the shots,” said Gaffney. “We give you what you want, when you want it, and when you’ve had enough, ‘no’ always means ‘no.'”