Doritos Viralocity winner announced

The results are in.  The “new” Doritos flavour is Spice 2.0 and was named after the winning entry, “Doritos Tablet”.

Created by Jeff Chan with the help of a couple of his friends, “Doritos Tablet” was rated and favourited over 6,000 times & garnered over 672,000 unique total views, with over 1,000 shares and re-tweets through the Doritos Viralocity website.

Jeff Chan and his friends are also launching a new media production company called “We Can Pretend”:

To say we are thrilled to win the Doritos Viralocity contest is an understatement.  This contest has really given us the platform we needed to showcase our work and get a real start at launching our new production company. We’ve been given a confidence boost to know that we’re headed in the right direction with our new business venture.

Jeff and his team will take home $100,000.  With the $100,000 grand prize, Jeff and his partners are going to invest money into their company and towards their next project, as well as donate $10,000 to the Toronto Children’s Hospital via Child’s Play ( .

Tony Matta is the Vice President of Marketing at Frito Lay Canada:

The Doritos Viralocity program is all about handing control of the brand over to consumers, and challenging Canadians to step up and show their creativity in the online space. We were absolutely blown away by the number of submissions and the creative talents of Doritos fans from coast to coast. Collectively, our online community delivered unprecedented results, including making our Doritos Canada YouTube page number 1 on the planet, among all sponsored YouTube pages in March.”

According to their press release, Canadian response to the contest was overwhelming, with over 1,100 video entries submitted, over 7,000,000 video views, a YouTube following of over 3,500 subscribers, over 66,000 Facebook fans and the number 1 spot on the Ad Age Viral Video Chart for 2 weeks.