DossierView Closes $750K Financing Round

Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre announced today that its client DossierView has closed a $750K financing round with First Leaside Visions II Limited Partnership. The announcement follows on the heels of a funding round with Golden Triangle Angelnet announced by the company on December 15th.

DossierView leverages technology developed by Dr. Andrew Wong, a founder of the PAMI (Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence) Lab at the University of Waterloo, to create the next generation of PAMI technologies. DossierView’s intelligent search technology promises to offer corporate and consumer users faster access to the most relevant information located on a desktop or on the Web.

The Accelerator Centre is becoming an important hub of investment activity in Waterloo. As home to 25+ technology start-up companies, with resident program staff of Ontario Centres of Excellence, National Research Council IRAP and Communitech – the Accelerator Centre has become the nexus for Waterloo’s innovation community.

In addition to DossierView, current Accelerator Centre clients include LoyaltyMatch, ProductWiki, and Semacode.