DossierView graduates from Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre (AC) announced today the graduation of DossierView, the seventh company to graduate from the AC since the facility opened its doors in 2006, and the fifth graduation since September of 2009.

DossierView is focused on building a new software solution that brings relevant information on the Web or a desktop to the user by making the search experience more predictive and social, versus traditional search methods that rely on the user typing in key words to surface relevant content. 

DossierView’s software is based on pattern analysis and machine intelligence (PAMI) technology developed out of the University of Waterloo by Dr. Andrew Wong, distinguished professor emeritus and founding director of the University of Waterloo’s PAMI Lab. 

DossierView announced a $750K financing round in December 2009, and recently closed a second round of angel financing. This funding, coupled with DossierView’s successful progression through the Accelerator Centre’s client development program, has allowed the company to graduate and relocate to office space in Kitchener’s historic Tannery District, alongside the new Digital Media Centre and other technology counterparts.