Dot Eco Domain Name may be Calling Vancouver Home

At January’s Vancouver Enterprise Forum, Jacob Malthouse participated in the Lightning Pitch panel and had 100 seconds to explain that his team was planning to become the registry for the .eco domain name. Malthouse’s presentation was slick but that won’t come as a surprise if you check out his company’s WHO, WHAT, and HOW videos online.

Within the next year to 18 months ICANN – the US non-profit that regulates domain names globally – will open an application process that will allow hundreds of new domain suffixes (like .com or .ca) to be created. These new domains will be run by registries, who sell domain names for an annual fee.

Malthouse and Big Room Inc. will be applying to run the “.eco” (dot eco) registry. Big Room was founded in in 2007 with the goal of creating Dot Eco and over the last couple years they have assembled an international team of investors, advisors and partners to help design a model that would be socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

Thanks to ICANN’s ‘community-priority’ track which allow community focused domains to avoid being sent to auction if they can demonstrate community support, Big Room was a great shot at landing this green domain extension.

Big Room is backed by environmentally and socially aware angel and venture capital investors including Working Enterprises and Vancouver’s Renewal Partners who fully support their efforts to run Dot Eco as a social venture.

Look out for an interview with Big Room over the next couple weeks where we’ll look at their plans to establish community driven governance around the Dot Eco domain to ensure that it becomes a eco-marketing and transparent solution for millions of individuals and businesses who want to demonstrate their green commitment.