Domain space to improve in 2010

Last week itWorldCanada’s Rafael Ruffalo reported that .CA domain registration will be getting easier in 2010 since the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is rewriting its registry to simplify the registration process for Canadian users and businesses.

CIRA is the not-for-profit, member-driven organization that manages the .CA domain name registry, develops and implements policies that support Canada’s Internet community, and represents the .CA registry internationally.

Currently when registered a .CA domain name, users deal with both their domain name registrar and separately with CIRA for security and verification purposes. If you’ve been through this arduous process, you know the registry rewrite is long overdue.

It’s great to see 10-year old CIRA making improvements and changing with the times. As an example, CEO Byron Holland has established his Public Domain Blog and is sharing his perspective with Canadians on the Internet and Domain space. On Friday Holland tackled the topic of Social Media and outlined the significant steps his organization has taken online.

If you’re ever wanted to get involved with CIRA, here’s your chance – they’re looking for Nomination Committee Members.

The Nomination Committee carries out a critical role in selecting a diverse roster of qualified Candidates to ensure that CIRA’s Member-elected Board of Directors represents a wide range of views and interests when defining the strategic direction of CIRA as it contributes to the Canadian Internet policy.  In selecting Nomination Committee Members, CIRA’s Board of Directors is seeking individuals from public, private, not-for-profit, and academic sector organizations with a wide range of technical and professional experience.

Applications are being accepted until January 22nd – apply online.