Montreal’s Sensio Technologies Reaches Patent License Agreement with Samsung Electronics

Montreal-born Sensio Technologies, which specializes in in 3D-image processing, announced that it has reached a patent license agreement with Samsung Electronics. The agreement will see Sensio license the right to implement iits S2D Switch in Samsung’s 3D televisions. The Montreal company says that financial terms will remain confidential.

“We value our relationship with Sensio Technologies and respect its intellectual property,” said a representative at Samsung Electronics. “This agreement will allow Samsung to continue using the patented technology developed by Sensio for the benefit of consumers who buy our 3D enabled televisions around the world.”

“After licensing other manufacturers last year, signing this agreement with Samsung Electronics constitutes another major milestone and validates our S2D Switch patent licensing strategy on which we have worked for a long time now,” said Nicholas Routhier, President and CEO at Sensio. “For us, signing a patent license agreement with the world leader of 3DTVs definitely enhances the value of our S2D Switch patent, and our overall patent portfolio, and demonstrates that leaders in the industry value our intellectual property. We expect this agreement to positively influence our on-going negotiations with other TV manufacturers who have deployed or are considering integrating our S2D switch technology.”