Vancouver’s Elastic Path Launches Webinar Series for Tech Execs

Vancouver-based Elastic Path Software, a startup involved in digital commerce technology, is offering a webinar series with “insights into business and technology strategies for executives.” The two-part webinar series will include special guests James McQuivey and Peter Sheldon of Forrester Research.

“This webinar series confirms what we’ve been noticing in the market and with our digital customers,” said Matt Dion, VP Marketing of Elastic Path Software. “Consumers are demanding a very different kind of digital relationship with content and media companies, and these companies require flexible technologies in order to build better content experiences, create stronger customer relationships, and bring it all to market faster. Audiences will be able to gain new insights to bring back to their own organizations to capitalize on these digital disruption trends.”

The series begins with James presenting “Enterprise Strategies for Capitalizing on 2012 Digital Disruption Trends,” answering questions such as: “how do digital disruptors become better, faster, and stronger than their competitors? and “how can content and media companies prepare to disrupt their own industry before someone else does it for, or to, them?”

In part two of the series, Peter Sheldon will present “A Look Inside Tomorrow’s Digital Commerce Platform,” tackling such topics as how HTML5 web apps are freeing content and media firms to dodge the app store sales tax and why media firms need to own and manage the customer relationship directly.