Dream coverage for DreamBank

Tis the season for media outlets to talk about gift-giving and Vancouver’s DreamBank is taking advantage of the opportunity. Yesterday they scored big twice with an article in the Vancouver Sun followed by an extended spot on Global TV News at 6pm. Global’s Savvy Shopper Elaine Yong followed up the TV coverage with a blog post.

Whether it’s a day at the spa, a new bike, or a once in a lifetime trip to visit overseas grandparents, a local Vancouver company now has a way to make your dream come true. Consolidate the gift-giving power of your friends and family using the DreamBank, the brainchild of Vancouver entrepreneur Dawn Bowles.

You can register your dream on DreamBank, then notify your friends and family. Instead of giving you “stuff” you may not want or need, they can now use their gift-giving dollars to contribute to your dream gift. The gift giver pays a $2.25 fee per transaction, and the gift receiver pays 2.5% of their total gift to cash it in.

DreamBank CEO Dawn Bowles told the Vancouver Sun that it took $500,000 to get the company going and the website launched, with some of the start-up investment coming in technology work in exchange for equity. Information and Interaction Designer Todd Sieling is listed as a Product/Project Manager on DreamBank’s website and Techvibes’ sponsor FCV Technologies is listed as their web partner.